Heritage Collector will help you:


  • Organize photos and files.
  • Enhance family history research and organization.
  • Find any photo, document, or file in seconds.
  • Label and tag photos.
  • Utilize photos tagged with GPS coordinates to print and view locations on maps.
  • Create and share slide shows.
  • Personalize storybook pages.
  • Make Calendars that talk and tell stories.
  • Share heirloom cookbook recipes.
  • Save and use the information and photos on your smartphone.
  • Send and receive information via a cloud.
  • Get the help you need.


Everything is combined into one system that all works together making it easier to use while saving time and money.


Initially it may appear more than you need. Many of our users report the software greatly exceeded their expectations. As they learned more they were successfully accomplishing many new things they have always want to achieve,


Our latest 9.2 software version has been released and is available for purchase.


This is a new website under development. Our goal is to demonstrate a few of the many things you can accomplish. Please don't infer mistakes on this draft site as a reflection or indication of the quality of our software.

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Heritage Collector - A Complete Photo and Family History Management System

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The Heritage Collector System

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I've been getting reports that our users have found this test page. I'm surprised because I have not linked this page anywhere.  So all I can say is I guess you can watch my trial and error development along with all my funny typos, missing words, evolving grammar. I applaud your tenacity. I hope to finally be able to share all the many things you can do with Heritage Collector Suite.

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