Holly       Tom        Marlo

Sometimes we feel like we need the powers of a superhero to conquer family history!


Over the years we have managed to create a superhero team of Marlo, Holly, and Tom. We have each devoted our lives to developing specific skills, talents and knowledge that solves problems and also makes family history fun.


Recently we have come together to as a team to smooth out the rough patches in your family history journey.


Cooperation - Working Together as a SUPERHERO TEAM!

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Patented software

I've been getting reports that our users have found this test page. I'm surprised because I have not linked this page anywhere.  So all I can say is I guess you can watch my trial and error development along with all my funny typos, missing words, evolving grammar. I applaud your tenacity. I hope to finally be able to share all the many things you can do with Heritage Collector Suite.

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