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Heritage Collector Will Help You Accomplish Many Things

Heritage Collector will help you organize and manage ALL your photos, documents, videos, and other files into one place. This makes it possible to add and edit information and files as you discover material.


Soon you will be accomplishing new things such as:


  • Find a specific file or groups of files within seconds by entering names, a few words, dates or GSP coordinates and click the search button.
  • Enlarge and compare information on different records.
  • Organize files in new ways that meet your needs.
  • Save time and improve your genealogy research efforts by searching deeply into the records and files you have accumulated over time.
  • Manage genealogical information along with family photos, videos, and current information.


Share family information as you create personalized storybook pages, talking calendars, import and protect photos and files from your smartphone,


Automatically print and share GPS maps based on the photos imported.


Share information with family via a cloud such as Dropbox. Get the specific kind of help you need to be successful.

The Heritage Collector System

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