Organizing photos and files makes it possible to find and use these resources in future projects.


It's not usual to have a large number of files in your computer or a file cabinet. Heritage Collector makes it possible to copy these files into your computer so you can organize, update information and find any file in seconds.

What is a Collection?

Heritage Collector stores files in collections. A "collection" contains files such as photos, PDFs,  documents, videos, audio and other types of files.


There is no restriction as to how many or the types of files that may be placed (copied or moved) into a collection.


The information below explains different ways collections may created and used.

File Organization

Organize Photos / Files

Types of Collections

Family History

The variety of collections you can create is not limited.  You many have many different kinds of photos and files that you'd like to organize into specific categories.


A few sample collections a shown on the right.

Smartphone - Hawaii Trip

Favorite Places


Getting Started

If you are just starting, you many not have any idea how you'd like to name or organize your collections or what you will put into each collection. You may not know about the photos or files that you have. This is one of the difficult problems our software can help you easily resolve and reduce your stress. The next heading will show you how to solve this problem using a sort collection.

Sort Collection. We've made it easy to begin. A sort collection comes installed in the program. Initially you can copy, scan or import photos and files into the sort collection. Later you can create some new collections and then drag the files in the sort collection to any collection you have created. You can also drag files into other collections as you organization system starts to develop.

Collection Naming

Naming Collections. Use any type of collection name you desire. This provides flexibility in the kinds of collections you create and how you name each collection. Use the names you have previously used to create new collection names. A right click on the collection name is all that is required to change or edit a collection name. It also decreases the number of duplicate images by keeping photos in topically named collections.

Olsen Homestead Farm 1896 (collection)

Idaho Cemeteries (graves collection)

Organization Levels

Two or More Levels of Organization.

Collection are stored in Folders (blue icon) "Olsen Family History."  Folders may also have subfolder (colored icons) such as "Carl S Olsen, Cooper, Norway Photos. " Subfolders may have a series of collections making it easy to organize and find files, photos and documents. Keeping associated photos and files together eliminates the need for duplicates.


Dates and other type of names may be used for folders and subfolders.

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